Soglia Studios



Principal, Maegan Walton, AIA, LEED AP,  has been working in the field of Architecture since 2002, and spent a portion of her career at Elmslie Osler Architect in New York City before starting her own practice in 2012. 

Walton has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the University of Florida. While studying abroad in Vicenza, Italy, she became intrigued by the built works and landscapes of the dynamic culture. She focused her final thesis project on creating thresholds, or glimpses back into country after returning home. The thesis exhibit was named Soglia Italiana, and the word "soglia" continued to be of interest long after the exhibit concluded. 

SOGLIA [soul-yah] is an Italian word meaning "threshold". The threshold is a point between the past and the future, where one experiences a broad view of all possibilities. Similar to a threshold, where many experiences culminate, Soglia Studios brings together influences from various disciplines to create a holistic approach to designing space.